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P&O Ferries has said 800 redundant staff will be offered £36.5m in total – with around 40 getting more than £100,000 each.

The firm apparently informed its staff via a video call that they would be sacked.

Unions later claimed that agency staff were being hired instead at a rate of pay of just £1.81 an hour.

The company said today (23rd March 2022) that some employees are set to get 91 weeks’ pay and the chance of new employment, and no employee would receive less than £15,000.

It is likely therefore that if you are a P&O employee affected by these redundancies, that you may be given a settlement agreement.

Link: What is a settlement agreement?

We can advise on P&O Settlement Agreements. We advise hundreds of employees nationwide each year on settlement agreements and termination agreements like the ones we believe P&O will be offering its staff to make payouts.

The long and short of a settlement agreement will be for an employee to receive payments in return for which the employee agrees not to bring any claims against the company.

If you are a P&O worker and have received a settlement agreement, then get in touch today.

P&O Settlement Agreements

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