Settlement Agreements

Have you been given a Settlement Agreement? Don’t worry – you’ve found a Settlement Agreement expert. Every year, I deal with hundreds. As your Settlement Agreement solicitor, I’m here to help with advice on all kinds of settlement agreements. Here’s how –

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Ill Health & Stress

Off work with ill health or stress? Had a 'protected conversation' and offered a package to leave?

  • Was it caused by your work?
  • Are you finding it all a bit too much to deal with?
  • Get my expert advice today.

Capability / Performance Issues

Has your employer raised performance issues and then offered you a settlement agreement?

  • Was it unjustified?
  • Is your boss a bully?
  • Get my expert advice today.

Been Made Redundant?

Are you facing redundancy?

  • Are you the only one targeted?
  • Or is it voluntary redundancy?
  • Get my expert advice today.

Settlement Agreement Solicitor

Settlement Agreement Solicitor

I’m Steven Mather and I specialise in Settlement Agreement Advice. Do you want an employment lawyer to sign off a settlement agreement or do you want someone that signs settlement agreements day in day out? I’m your 1st choice in the UK.

My Ultimate Guide to Settlement Agreements eBook – Buy Now!

I’ve reviewed thousands of settlement agreements for people like you since 2008. I’m a true expert on settlement agreements – a dedicated settlement agreement specialist. I’ve even authored a book on Amazon the subject!

Do you want a solicitor to give advice on your settlement agreement, sign off your compromise agreement, or get you a better deal on your settlement?

I always achieve fast and effective results for my clients. Don’t understand what the settlement agreement means? I’ll help. Just want to get the agreement signed as quickly as possible. I’ll help. 


  • Are you being made redundant?
  • Are you facing termination due to ill health, stress or performance issues?
  • Or are your employers undertaking general restructuring?

Either way, I’ll give you the best settlement agreement advice and advice on your termination package.

I’ll commit 100% to getting you the best possible deal with your settlement agreement. What you’re going through can be unpleasant – really tough. You need someone at your side, fighting your corner.  You’ll get plain English advice – robust when needed, compassionate when required, supportive and friendly with a touch of humour. It’s all part of being a human.

Many clients in your position are worried about the cost of settlement agreement advice. Don’t be! The good news? Your employer pays the bill! 

Hire me to handle your Settlement Agreement as your Settlement Agreement Solicitor and join my past clients, delighted by the fast, efficient and friendly service they’ve received.

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  • I can only praise Steven. I am a new business and he has given me so much valuable advice. He... read more

    Anna Swinfield Avatar
    Anna Swinfield

    Steven is highly knowledgable, professional and caring. He goes the extra mile to ensure the best outcome for clients.

    Horse Shoe Avatar
    Horse Shoe

    Steven’s speed and support in a very stressful situation was absolutely vital in making the whole process straightforward and calming.... read more

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    Cook J
  • After engaging with Steven through his website I was quickly and professionally contacted in an initial call to understand my... read more

    03121976 Ddx Avatar
    03121976 Ddx

    Steven was really helpful and reviewed very quickly. His advice has helped significantly in determining fair terms with my client.... read more

    Dave Ward Avatar
    Dave Ward

    Steven helped me with the potential sale of my business. When I first contacted him he was on holiday... read more

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    Angela Moore

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Frequently Asked Questions

Your Settlement Agreement questions answered

My Employer is paying, will have to pay more?

No. I will cap my settlement agreement fees to whatever the employer's contribution to legal costs is, subject to a...

My employer has given me a deadline. Can you give me advice on my settlement agreement within the next 24 hours?

Yes. I usually can carry out a settlement agreement review appointment within 24 hours of receipt of client compliance...

Do we have to meet face to face? Can’t we do it over the phone?

Yes! While I do give Settlement Agreement advice face to face in Leicestershire, the majority of my clients are more than...

Are you a Solicitor?

Yes. I'm Steven Mather, a Consultant Solicitor with National Firm Nexa Law. I'm a Settlement Agreement solicitor in...

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