My Employer is paying, will have to pay more?

No. I will cap my settlement agreement fees to whatever the employer’s contribution to legal costs is, subject to a minimum of £250 plus VAT. There is a very small administration fee of £7.20 which you will need to pay for online ID verification.

My employer has given me a deadline. Can you give me advice on my settlement agreement within the next 24 hours?

Yes. I usually can carry out a settlement agreement review appointment within 24 hours of receipt of client compliance paperwork from you.

Do we have to meet face to face? Can’t we do it over the phone?

Yes! While I do give Settlement Agreement advice face to face in Leicestershire, the majority of my clients are more than happy to do a settlement agreement review over the phone, on WhatsApp, Facetime, Skype or Zoom video calling. Whatever is most convenient for you.

Are you a Solicitor?

Yes. I’m Steven Mather, a Consultant Solicitor with National Firm Nexa Law. I’m a Settlement Agreement solicitor in Leicester but help clients nationwide with their settlement agreements. I’m an approachable, experienced and recommended employment law solicitor.

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