British Airways to Make up to 12,000 Workers Redundant

It is perhaps inevitable in the current COVID-19 environment, but always sad to see large employers making mass redundancies.

See news story here.

The figure is approximately 28% of its current UK workforce, which is quite an amazing number.

We advise employees daily on redundancies, particularly as settlement agreement lawyers. Settlement Agreements are not compulsory for someone being made redundant but are typically used by employers making redundancies for a number of reasons.

It is unlikely that BA staff will be given a settlement agreement, simply because there are so many people being made redundant. However, for many smaller businesses making redundancies, they would be well advised to get employees to sign a settlement agreement.

A settlement agreement is a document under which you as an employee waive any rights to bring claims against your employer. So while a redundancy due to COVID-19 would appear to be a legitimate redundancy exercise, it has been seen previously that smaller businesses take advantage of circumstances to reduce the workforce and perhaps don’t follow a fair process and instead select the members of staff they don’t like or no longer fit – of course if that happens, then it can be an unfair redundancy and unfair dismissal.

Again, it would seem unlikely that a company like BA would make any unfair redundancies or not follow a fair procedure.

However, if you require any legal advice on being made redundant or advice on a settlement agreement, then do get in touch.

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