Case Study: Settlement Agreement Signed Off in 24 hours

This blog is about a particular matter, but in reality, it could be about one of many of the settlement agreements we’ve signed off recently.

The client found us online as he was looking for a local solicitor to sign off settlement agreements. He called and spoke directly with Steven Mather, Solicitor, to arrange the initial meeting.

Even though the client was within 15 minutes of our offices, it was still his preference to get advice on his settlement agreement by telephone – so that’s what we did.

We booked in the call the next day to allow time for him to sort out the compliance paperwork with Nexa Law (the SRA regulated law firm) – ID, signed terms and documents etc. He was pleased about this as he had been given a deadline to sign the settlement agreement by the end of the week, which was in reality a 3 day deadline!

We then “met” with the client over the phone, reviewed the circumstances surrounding his termination, reviewed the settlement agreement and then my advice was to sign it off. He was effectively being made redundant and so the £26,000 or so he was to receive would be more than his statutory redundancy entitlement.

We advised him to sign the settlement agreement, which he did and emailed to us for us to sign confirming we had provided the advice. This was then sent to the Company for them to sign, along with Nexa Law’s invoice for their services – which the Company will pay in full.

So if you need speedy advice on a settlement agreement, then get in touch with us now.

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