Whitbread (Premier Inn, Beefeater, Brewers Fayre) Announces 6000 job losses

Whitbread, the Company which owns Premier Inn and Beefeater and other brands in the UK, have announced they are looking to cut 6,000 jobs as a result of coronavirus.

Whitbread boss Alison Brittain said the company was hoping to avoid compulsory redundancies.

She said: “With demand for travel remaining subdued, we are now having to make some very difficult decisions, and it is with great regret that today we are announcing our intention to enter into a consultation process that could result in up to 6,000 redundancies in the UK, of which it is hoped that a significant proportion can be achieved voluntarily.”

What is Voluntary Redundancy and Should I Accept Voluntary Redundancy?

Voluntary Redundancy is simply where employees agree to be made redundant without the full redundancy process and decision as to who should be made redundant being made.

A company like Whitbread looking to make redundancies, may well ask staff to come forward on a voluntary basis in return for which you get an enhanced redundancy package.

I don’t know what the redundancy package would be for Premier Inn, but it could be something like an higher rate of redundancy pay, or just a tax-free lump sum on top. There could be a formula applied.

Voluntary Redundancies are usually linked to the signing of a Settlement Agreement.

A settlement agreement will set out what payments you are to receive once your employment is terminated. It will ensure that you waive any claims against the company – that means, you cannot sue the company for anything.

Is Whitbread Premier Inn giving Settlement Agreements?

I don’t know at this stage. But with such a big number of redundancies being made, I would expect Whitbread to be offering settlement agreements as part of the redundancy package.

You’ll need a Settlement Agreement Solicitor like me to review, advise and sign off your settlement agremeent with Whitbread. If they do offer a settlement agreement, then it is likely that they will pay the legal fees for you getting advice.

So if you are being made redundant at Whitbread, Premier Inn, Beefeater, Brewers Fayre, Table Table or indeed any other company impacted by Coronavirus, then get in touch for a free no obligation call.

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